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"You have been a brilliant and inspiring coach, sensitively leading me through a wide range of discussions, addressing not only how I deal with particular situations but also fundamental aspects of my approach to the job. I cannot tell you how helpful and liberating this has been."


Mentor? Coach? Consultant? What’s the difference?

Our simple distinction is that a coach challenges you to excel using your own resources, a mentor works with you to find the right way forward, whilst a consultant tells you what the answer is. In our experience, many of our ‘mentoring’ clients require each of these approaches often at different points in the same conversation!

We can provide training in-house for individuals, small teams or large groups, we can embed experienced mentors to encourage and support individuals in their development, and we can deliver coaching that challenges individuals to use their own resources to find better solutions. We are flexible in our delivery, working face-to-face, via Skype, phone or email and we work to a timetable that suits our clients. We have particular experience of working with senior management and trustees, developing inspiring leaders who make a tangible difference.

With Action Planning personal development services you can expect:

  • Highly experienced coaches, mentors and trainers
  • A meeting beforehand to establish a positive relationship
  • Empathy, sensitivity and confidentiality
  • Flexibility of time, place and structure
  • Regular reviews and evaluation

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