Primavera Moretti

“There are still thousands of trusts with £millions to give away – you just need to know where to look.”


I’ve always wanted to walk with people who want to be better. That’s why my strapline is ‘inspiring generosity’ – I try to inspire people and organisations to be inspirationally generous.

My time as an undergraduate in Cambridge was very formative, not so much for the geography degree I did (which opened my mind to a thousand different ways of looking at our society and our world) but for the inspirational people I met, people who were going to dedicate their lives to saving lives, to leading others, to making new discoveries, to making people laugh and to leading others on their spiritual journeys. Feeling drawn to community, (in the time before social media, where community literally meant hanging out with people), I spent some time as a youth worker and a novice nun before training as a secondary school teacher.

Tied down by the constraints of the national curriculum, I didn’t feel I could express my longing for a healthier planet and a better society through teaching in schools and so I became a communicator in the Christian sector – building websites, editing and producing booklets and magazines and running events such as The Michael Ramsey Prize for Theological Writing. Eventually I became head of Fundraising and Programmes for SPCK, the UK’s largest Christian Publisher, heading up their programme of literacy materials for prisoners, the school assemblies website and instigating Prayers on the Move – an initiative to put prayers on the London Underground and buses in Newcastle and Birmingham.

Just before lockdown, I became a freelancer once again and joined Action Planning as an Associate, where I focus on fundraising strategy, research and bid writing. There are still thousands of trusts with £millions to give away – you just need to know where to look and how and when to ask and that’s something I can help with.

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