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Associate Database Instructions

Action Planning uses its Associates Database to search for the most appropriate person to be involved in any given project – and to win it you have to be in it!

With over 200 Associates with a multitude of skills and experience and spread right across the UK (plus a few internationally), the database is the only practical way of making sure we achieve the closest fit between consultant and client – which in turn makes it more likely that we win the work, and that there is a happy client at the end of the process.

It may take you 10 – 15 minutes to fill in your information on the database – but this will be time well spent if it enables us to match you up with just the kind of project you enjoy.

You can access the database here: https://actionplanning-associates.co.uk 

When you go to the website for the first time don't enter a login name but click on 'Click here if you have forgotten your password'.  You will be emailed a temporary password.  You can then log in using your login name and temporary password, and you will be prompted to change the password to one of your own choosing.  All passwords are case-sensitive, so if you choose BognorRegis as your password you can't log in with bognorregis.
Your login name is your first and last names with no spaces or punctuation eg James Bond's login name is JamesBond.

Once you have logged in you can change your login name to something else, if you wish.  Your login name is case-Insensitive, so eg James Bond can use jamesbond or jAmEsBoNd.
The first tab is Personal and Contact Details. Most of this is self-explanatory, perhaps other than the last three headings:
•    Rate from £ to £ - enter here your day rate, or minimum and maximum if a range.
•    ‘Work on sales’ and ‘Work on bids’ – check either of these boxes if you are willing to help with following up leads or attending pitches (Sales) or preparing proposals or tenders for assignments (Bids). This work would be ‘at risk’, but if successful would be rewarded as per the Associates Sales Recognition Scheme

The second tab is ‘Attributes’. These enable us to search the database against a large number of different attributes – you will see these have been grouped into different types, like discipline, or languages spoken. We sometimes send details of work just to people with a specific attribute for example “Bid writing” so its really important that you complete this section otherwise you won’t come up on our searches.
You can also select up to 5 attributes in each of the Business Sector experience and Discipline experience to be marked as your main attributes which are then highlighted in blue.

The final tab is called ‘Assignments’ you can leave this tab – this is where we add information about assignments undertaken – although we haven’t actually got around to using this yet!
If you have any problems or questions do please contact either Sarah Divina or Hayley McDonald at sarah.divina@actionplanning.co.uk or hayley.mcdonald@actionplanning.co.uk