Clare Bamberger

Clare enables an organisation to strengthen its culture, relationships and practices to adapt in a world where change is a constant.


Clare has established herself as a “setter upper”, leading the way to success in setting up and embedding strategies and new services within organisations. She plans and steers a path with the different stakeholders, making sure that the cause and mission of the organisation is the driving force.

Clare will help you plan the practical steps you need to make any change achievable, visible and measurable.

Clare started her career setting up a language training company at the tender age of 23, after a TEFL qualification. Moving to the voluntary sector in 2007 and being relatively new to fundraising, she set up a Prospect Research function at The Children’s Society, completely revised the Ethical screening policy at the British Red Cross and designed and embedded an Insight team at Christian Aid, bringing in project management at the same time.

Clare has volunteered in various roles with the Chartered Institute of Fundraising, including as a committee member and conference organiser with the Special Interest Group Technology in Fundraising.  Clare is an associate member of the Market Research Society and in 2019 was involved in the Trailblazer group to develop an apprenticeship scheme in the market research industry.

Until December 2021 Clare spent nearly 5 years designing, embedding and running an Insight team at the House of Commons. As a trustee of a small international development charity, she has unified the whole organisation around the globe in a Theory of Change and an outcomes framework.

She has the ability to look at complex problems and use large volumes of information to pick out the essential and cut through the noise for better decision-making, based in robust evidence.

If you are planning a restructure, bringing a new system or reviewing how your organisation works internally and with external partners, Clare can help you. Highly experienced in implementing new ways of working, she will support you to embed change.