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How to manage challenging staffing situations

Friday 8th December 2023
Online event

Presented by Tracey Madgwick and Shelley Poole

Are you a line manager who is currently dealing with a tricky situation or wants to be prepared to deal with one?

Every charity relies on its people. Our great people help us achieve great things and therefore make life better for the people who use or buy our services. However, every line manager knows that some staff are more challenging to manage and it’s really important that line managers know how to manager those challenging situations.

This interactive online short session will cover:

  • How to manage a member of staff when the employer has concerns about the employee’s performance
  • How to manage a situation when a member of staff raises concerns about the organisation


By the end of the workshop, you will have:

  • A reminder of best practice
  • Highlighted some of the potential pitfalls to avoid
  • Identified options for resolutions

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