Help create a high-performing Board

Weston Park Cancer Charity

"David has a very insightful approach and is able to command respect from senior people, which is helpful if you want them to share their views."


Weston Park Cancer Charity’s Chair and Director had both joined at the same time and were keen for the charity to be more ambitious in its objectives. In order to do that they knew they needed to have a board in place that could drive the charity towards higher goals, but they required help and advice in putting together such a high-performing board.

Action Planning was asked to carry out the necessary investigations to be able to advise Weston Park on the necessary steps to create the high-performing board it desired.

David Saint met with all the trustees and a number of other people involved in the charity and put together an audit showing where the charity was, where it wanted to be and what the required steps were to deliver that. This included a skills audit and covered aspects such as recruitment processes, training and clarity of governance paperwork. With his knowledge of Weston Park’s strategic priorities, David was able to map out in what aspects the board was over-provided and where it was lacking.

The charity is still implementing David’s proposals but, as a result of going through the review process, now has two very strong new trustees on board.

Consultant's Insight:
A board review has to be respectful of people who are giving freely of their time to be trustees, whilst also ensuring that the governance needs of the charity are properly met. Using an external consultant can provide a degree of objectivity that makes some of the conversations easier to have.

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