Help and Advice for Charities

With more than three decades’ experience in the charity sector and an unparalleled network of expert consultants to draw on, we are able to provide valuable, cost-effective support across all facets of running not-for-profit organisations including:
• Charity governance
• Strategy development
• Fundraising consultancy
• Marketing consultancy
• Measuring outcomes and impact
• Charity recruitment

From governance and strategy to recruitment, mentoring, implementation and measuring outcomes, we understand the needs and nuances that lie behind successful operations, and work as trusted confidantes in an encouraging and motivational spirit of pragmatism, reassurance and respect.

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“Action Planning helped us to think about our overarching strategy and ways to deliver the desired outcomes. They took a logical approach and added value by providing independent, constructive challenges and encouraging us to think outside our comfort zone.”

David Calpin, Chief Executive, British Veterinary Association.

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