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It’s good practice to review the running of any organisation from time to time, whether or not there is deemed to be room for improvement. The 2017 House of Lords Report and advice from the Charity Commission on the new Charity Governance Code contain changes that all charities need to heed. Action Planning is often asked to carry out an objective assessment of all aspects of governance, identify areas of divergence or friction and offer recommendations for positive development.

Our consultants have first-hand experience of not-for-profit governance and can provide the tools to stimulate constructive thinking among trustees and senior management personnel. For example, we can run an introductory session to trigger Board thinking on what good governance looks like, or provide consultancy and facilitation support focused around a specific area of concern, such as skills review and board renewal, delegated powers, committee structure, or how best to provide effective management information to the board.

Typical situations in which we are asked to conduct an independent governance review include:

  • Regular check-up – good practice
  • Problems – eg a breakdown in relationship within or between a board and senior management team
  • Changes – eg the appointment of a new Chair or Chief Executive
  • Technicalities – checking compliance with the latest best practice
  • Relationships – making sure key personnel are working well together

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