Recruit a head of philanthropy

British Paralympic Association

"The whole process was excellent and resulted in a very strong shortlist and candidate being recruited. I am pleased to offer my endorsement to any charity or organisation thinking of using Action Planning for similar services."


Since London 2012 there has been a growing requirement for the BPA to raise funds to support athlete success and, through that, inspire a better world for disabled people. As a result the organisation has sought to widen the opportunity it has to generate charitable income, including the establishment of a structured philanthropy programme.

After a competitive selection process the BPA asked us to provide direct consultancy support in the recruitment of a new Head of Philanthropy.

First of all we provided the BPA with a comprehensive report into the opportunity it had to benefit from a structured philanthropy programme. This helped them to determine the best route to take. We then used our recruitment expertise and contacts to draw up a shortlist for the Head of Philanthropy role, from which a successful candidate was recruited.

Our report helped the BPA to gain clarity over the route it was taking and our recruitment service provided them with a strong candidate to fill the newly created Head of Philanthropy post. The organisation has since increased its income from charitable giving.

Consultant’s insight:
Being able to provide a full recruitment service as a seamless continuation of our fundraising review meant that, as recruiters, we had deep insights into the client’s needs.

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