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Do you really need to hire a consultant? How do you know they’re not just going to waste your precious funds? What if they lack the expertise to solve your particular problem? What if you don’t get on?


David Saint - Strategy, Management, and Fundraising Consultant


David Bull - Management Consultant & Mentor


Felicia Willow - Governance & Strategy Consultant


Andrew Johnson - Marketing Consultant


Kate Nicholas - Management & Communications Consultant


Robin Hamilton - Crisis Management Consultant


Dave Tyler - Project Management Consultant


Peter Campbell Smith - Information Technology Consultant

Here are four good reasons to trust Action Planning to provide the support you need and add genuine value.

our dna

Action Planning is a diverse network of expert consultants, united under the leadership of Chairman David Saint by their passion for the sector, and their desire to help charities succeed. Over more than 25 years, we have helped thousands of not-for-profits to achieve their aims. All of our associates have first-hand experience of working in the sector, as trustees, senior management, staff or volunteers, and between them they have a comprehensive range of relevant skills. Our approach makes us unique in being able to provide a thorough overview of each organisation’s opportunities and threats, so that nothing is overlooked as we focus on the areas of greatest need and impact.

our approach

We take an intelligent, analytical approach to each assignment, taking time to listen and learn the subtleties before working with our client to agree the best way forward. Whatever the brief, we will assess the overall picture to see if there are other influences impacting on the situation, before concentrating our efforts on an agreed, outcomes-based solution. This efficient, logical approach is softened by a sensitive, empathetic way of working with people that encourages confidence, enthusiasm and effectiveness.

our values

We recognise the faith that our clients invest in us, and we place high importance on justifying their trust. Much of our work comes from repeat business and referrals and we have an incomparable track record for working with faith-based organisations, disability charities, advocacy groups and many others, who trust us to represent their brands and values respectfully in the course of our work. In the pursuit of our mission to help charities succeed, we always develop a pragmatic and cost-effective workplan that recognises the financial constraints under which they operate and delivers real added value.

our promise

When you commit to hiring Action Planning, we commit to delivering a meaningful return on your investment. We will approach the brief with thoroughness, thoughtfulness, expertise and care and will provide you with the most appropriate people and service to help solve the problem, or develop the opportunity. Our diverse skills base means we sell you the service you need, rather than the one we want you to buy.



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