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Charity Fundraising Events

Action Planning Hour:
How to Communicate Well During Change – Even When It's Difficult

Wednesday 26th June, 1-2pm

Live on Zoom

Listen in on three Action Planning Associate Consultants discussing fundamental communication principles. And bring your questions.

Kate Nicholas

Kate Nicholas is Christian preacher, author, broadcaster and strategy and communications consultant with Action Planning. She is also on the board of Christians Against Poverty. Find out more about her books, TV show and online courses at

David Bull

David Bull is a Management Consultant and Mentor with 32 years as an international charity CEO. He has led four international organisations, including Amnesty International UK and Unicef UK. Now a trustee of two international NGOs, he is undertaking a variety of consultancy assignments, including mentoring CEOs, advising philanthropists, public speaking and identifying international development programmes for a major new global initiative.

Clare Bamberger

Clare Bamberger enables organisations to strengthen their culture, relationships and practices to adapt in a world where change is a constant. Her experience in successfully setting up and embedding new services within organisations has served charities and public sector bodies well. She plans and steers a path with the different stakeholders, making sure that the cause and mission of the organisation is the driving force.