“The Action Planning consultant delivered an excellent interactive workshop for our trustees which got them thinking and enabled them to contribute.”

Juliet Ames-Lewis, Director, The Richmond Charities

Communications Strategy & Implementation

Make your communications compelling 

Is your message getting through?

Communication is fundamental to the success of not-for-profit organisations in changing behaviour and perceptions, ensuring people understand what they do, engaging with stakeholders, and demonstrating success. The communications landscape is constantly changing and without a sound and constantly updated communications strategy those key messages can get lost,  misdirected or misinterpreted amid the background noise.

Our consultants have extensive experience of helping not-for-profits put together and implement effective comms strategies that deliver the right message at the right time to the right audience via the right channel. That’s a lot of things to get right, so we work closely with communications teams to go carefully through each step, right through to measuring outcomes and implementing change.

We can offer expert guidance on all your communications challenges, including:

  • Audience profiling
  • Effective messaging and targeting
  • Press and PR plans
  • Digital communications strategies
  • Crisis communications

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