Digital Communications

Gain access to a wider market

"Working with David and Action Planning has been so good for FSW, helping to make our thinking clear and focusing our minds on what we need to do to achieve the plans that we have."


Are you daunted by digital?

Organisations of all sizes have the potential to reach wider audiences, raise more funds and build stronger relationships at relatively low cost by making full use of digital media, yet many are unsure where to start or have not yet been able to develop a business case for investment. With such a bewildering array of relatively new options, it can be difficult to devise a digital strategy.

Our digital consultants and partners simplify and enhance the process of digital investment, planning and implementation. They bring a mix of professional expertise, marketing insight, and and ability to understand each organisation’s resources and challenges. With their help, many charities have been able to put together intelligent digital plans that integrate with their off-line communications to maximise their joint impact.

The benefits of Action Planning’s digital services include:

  • A digital strategy focused on your objectives
  • Invest in the technology and solutions most suited to your organisation
  • Demystify social media
  • Appropriate web and CRM platforms integrated with your social media and marketing programmes
  • Full training and on-going support throughout your digital development

Talk to our digital experts about how to develop a clear and effective digital strategy