Online Governance ‘Health Check’

Assess the effectiveness of your charity’s governance

"We chose to work with Action Planning because of David Saint’s track record and what he was offering to do for us: he had the open-mindedness we felt we needed in our situation."


Any review of governance needs to start with an honest appraisal of where you are now.

Action Planning is often asked to carry out an objective assessment of all aspects of governance, identify areas of divergence or friction and offer recommendations for positive development. 

Alongside traditional methodologies such as one-to-one interviews and facilitation of interactive training sessions with Board members, we also offer an online questionnaire. Digi-Board offers a quick and cost-effective way to assess all the aspects that are important to the governance and success of a charity or not-for-profit organisation. It can help you get started with a governance review by gaining a common understanding of your charity's governance strengths and weaknesses to inform constructive discussion about what actions to take. Our specialist governance experts can then help you to analyse the results and prioritise actions. 

Typical situations in which we are asked to conduct an independent governance review include:

  • Regular check-up – good practice
  • Problems – eg a breakdown in relationship within or between a board and senior management team
  • Changes – eg the appointment of a new Chair or Chief Executive
  • Technicalities – checking compliance with the latest best practice
  • Relationships – making sure key personnel are working well together

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