“Action Planning have provided interim Director recruitment for LAMDA on two occasions.  Each time their service has been excellent, knowledgeable and well informed and sourcing candidates of excellent quality and skill.”

Joanna Reed, Principal, LAMDA (London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art)

Interim Management

Short term solutions

Do you need someone in a hurry?

Organisations come under a lot of strain when a crucial position becomes vacant or an increase in activity calls for extra staff. Without time to go through a full-scale recruitment process, the provision of suitable interim managers can be vital. Action Planning has an extensive network of skilled and experienced personnel, who we can put in post at short notice.

Whether the need is for a Fundraising Director, Project Manager, Chief Executive or similar, we can usually provide strong interim candidates to fill the role in the short term. In addition to their own experience, they will be able to draw on the support of the Action Planning team to deliver all the necessary expertise, affording the organisation time to develop the role and continue the search for a full-time candidate.

Benefits of Action Planning’s interim management include:

  • Ensures key posts are not left vacant
  • Relieves the burden of searching for suitable candidates
  • Interim recruits come with the back-up of the Action Planning team
  • Affords time to find permanent solutions
  • Can augments capacity at critical times

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