Major Donor Fundraising

Build supportive relationships

"Working with David and Action Planning has been so good for FSW, helping to make our thinking clear and focusing our minds on what we need to do to achieve the plans that we have."


Are you anxious about taking the first step?

Major donors can make a huge difference, both through their own donations and through other donors they might introduce, but knowing how to identify and approach lead prospects can be challenging. The aim is to build a relationship with each individual so they become  enthusiastically involved in the cause, so that their gift becomes much more than just a financial transaction.

Our consultants have many years’ experience of cultivating relationships with major donors, and we can help with all aspects of building an effective major donor programme. We understand the importance of remembering that major donors are so much more than simple ‘people with money that we want’, and we can help you develop the confidence to make informed and appropriate approaches, and develop meaningful long term relationships.

We can help you gain support from major donors by:

  • Identifying potential high net worth donors
  • Planning and implementing the initial approach
  • Managing donor relationships, communications and events
  • Planning ‘behind-the-scenes tours’ appropriate to your organisation to give first-hand experience of the task

Talk to us about how you can grow fundraising from major donors