Risk Management

expect the unexpected 

"Robin Hamilton has been a huge support in identifying our potential threats at Orca. His risk analysis and report made the complex easy to understand and really clarified the small number of key risks that we need to focus on. His support enabled us to understand what steps to take so that our data, operations and staff remain safe."


Are you ready should the worst happen?

We all hope it never will but there’s a lot that can be done to reduce the impact of a crisis befalling any organisation. Threats such as reputational damage, loss of income and adverse regulatory changes can all be mitigated by having a sound risk management policy in place. For larger charities this is obligatory but we strongly advise even the smallest not-for-profits to do the same.

We can draw on our years of experience in the sector to help organisations identify and assess all their potential risks and put together a clear risk management policy, agreed by the Board and senior management. We can also help with the process of periodic monitoring and reviewing, as well as compiling risk reports.

Action Planning can help you ensure you’re not exposed to risk by:

  • Identifying the risks you face
  • Assessing the scale of those risks
  • Putting together a risk management policy
  • Monitoring and reviewing your risk management
  • Compiling risk reports

Speak to us about how to effectively review your risk management