Sally Denbigh

Dec 13, 2018, 8:00 AM

Charity at Christmas

December. A time of year when most of us – irrespective of our faiths, or indeed whether we’re religious or not – will be thinking about Christmas. Which, by the time this article goes to print, will be just a week away (eek!). And no matter if we like it or not, an annual occasion pretty much impossible to ignore, what with all the TV adverts (including of course the excellent John Lewis ones!), countless festive gifts on display in shops (many of which have been on sale since September!), bright lights and twinkly decorations adorning our High Streets, and carols (and Michael Buble!) being played everywhere on seemingly endless loops.  Ah yes, love it or hate it - coming once a year, every year, to a place near you - it’s good old Christmas!

Christmas. A period of sometimes excessive consumption (food, drink, late nights), and often rampant consumerism. Aspects which while many people find increasingly repugnant, others wholeheartedly embrace, letting their hair down and partying!

Whatever our take on Christmas, however, we mustn’t forget that it is also the season of love and goodwill to all. A time of friendship and caring, when we consider friends and family and remember those we have lost. A time of giving. A time, in fact, of charity. And of charities. For what are charities about if not love, goodwill and caring for others? And giving: whether it’s donors generously donating to their favourite charities (many voluntary organisations raise their most income at this time of year); or charities themselves, fulfilling their objectives and ‘giving’ to their beneficiaries. I mean, no matter what we might think of Christmas, how wonderful is all that?

Just occasionally therefore, perhaps we should take a moment – a brief moment - out from our busy lives, and reflect on the good that the charities we’re involved with do. On the good that we do, every single one of us; whether employees, trustees, volunteers or all of the above. And give ourselves a well-deserved pat on the back. Go on, we deserve it! Just a tiny one, mind, and not for long – say just once a year, at Christmas! - as of course none of us is in this charity ‘business’ for the glory of it, or for ourselves.  We’re in it because we believe in what we do, believe in and love our charities’ great and worthwhile causes. Which is usually a reward enough – or a metaphorical pat on the back - in itself. But go on, just for a second, let’s take a break from thinking about others and think about ourselves and what we’re doing. I mean, really think about it. Think of the difference - no matter how big or small – that we’re making to the world! (How many people can say that about what they do?). Think about the positive improvements, the benefits, that we make for our charities’ recipients. About how we’re helping others. I mean, how great is that? How great are we?!

So, on behalf of all the team at Action Planning, we would like to say well done to all of you in the voluntary sector for what you do for charity. We really appreciate it, and without doubt your beneficiaries do too. It may not always feel like it to you, but you really are doing wonderful, wonderful jobs. Keep up the good work. WELL DONE AND THANK YOU!

Here’s wishing you all peace, love, hope, happiness, success - and of course, good charity – this Christmas and beyond…

IIf you would like to talk with Action Planning about your charity and how we might be able to help, do get in touch with us at office@actionplanning.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you!

David Saint

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