Tim Glynne-Jones

Sep 20, 2019, 9:30 AM

High value prizes for healthy ageing projects

The Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) is running a competition for collaborations, including charities, to develop products, services and business models which support people as they age, and demonstrate how they will be adopted at scale.

The Healthy Ageing Trailblazers competition is a two-stage process, with this development and demonstration part constituting the first stage, for which there is a prize pot of £2 million, with individual grants capped at £100,000, and single applicants may enter. Stage Two will be the delivery stage, with £38 million in funding, and applications must be collaborative.

Stage One launches on Monday 23rd September and the ISCF will be looking to fund a variety of projects with priorities correlating with the seven themes of:

1. Sustaining physical activity
2. Maintaining health at work
3. Designing for age-friendly homes
4. Managing common complaints of ageing
5. Living well with cognitive impairment
6. Supporting social connections
7. Creating healthy and active places

The closing date for Stage One applications is Wednesday 27th November 2019

For more information, click here.