Tim Glynne-Jones

Aug 30, 2017, 10:41 AM

Website woes? Here’s a solution

When it comes to publicising the work of your charity, a good website is essential. We hear from a lot of people who know this but feel hamstrung by cost, saying it will require £20k or more. Well, you might be encouraged to learn that our new website was designed, built and written for less than £10k.

We used an excellent web design and branding agency called Knibbs. They had originally created our ‘journey’ brand and, as a result of their creativity and understanding of what we do, we asked them to create the new website for us. They delivered a great looking site that is well written, clearly signposted and, most importantly, easy to use. There’s a lot of information in there if you care to delve, but you can also move around it quickly. And a major asset from our point, it comes with an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) with on-page editing, so we can make our own editorial changes.  

If you think a site like this would improve your online presence (and knowing charities as we do, we would certainly advise it), click this link to have a chat with Simon Knibbs. As a result of his work with Action Planning, he is already well versed in the language and requirements of charities and other not-for-profits and you will find him a joy to work with.

In the interests of transparency, Action Planning will receive a small introduction fee for each piece of work Knibbs undertakes as a result of this referral.