Hayley Watts

Experienced coach, facilitator and Author of 'How to Fix Meetings'


Hayley is an experienced coach and facilitator and Author of 'How to Fix Meetings'. She is passionate about working with groups of people to come up with solutions to problems that everyone can get on board with. This could be designing the strategic plan, rethinking service delivery in times of change, or identifying values that work for your organisation and implementing them in daily behaviours. Sometimes having open and honest conversations can be uncomfortable, Hayley makes these much easier by providing a framework for creative thinking, and allowing everyone to be heard.

Hayley has 20+ years experience of in volunteer management and has worked as a charity CEO for 9 years. She coaches people who are early on in their management career allowing them to develop their own style and be comfortable with their management and leadership styles to get the best from their people. Hayley is accredited as a facilitator at the highest level with the Association of Facilitators.