Awayday Facilitation and Follow-up

Let's all pull together 

"Action Planning facilitated a really energising and action-oriented awayday. Their methods ensured that people from different backgrounds were all engaged before and during the process and also signed up to the action plan for the organisation. All this and fun too – a killer combination!"


Is everyone aligned with the cause?

The all-important relationship between senior management and the Board can benefit hugely from an awayday, planned and run by an objective third party like Action Planning. We specialise in putting together stimulating, task-based awaydays that address each organisation’s specific challenges and yield workable outcomes.

By taking teams out of the normal working environment and freeing them from day-to-day responsibilities, we encourage greater creativity and interaction, sharing of ideas and knowledge, strengthening of relationships and motivation around the cause. Our awaydays are particularly effective for establishing a consensus over fundamental issues, such as vision, mission and strategic objectives.

Let us know what your current stumbling blocks are (or we can help you identify them!) and we will create a programme to address these, with follow-ups to ensure that good ideas are not forgotten and that the agreed outcomes are turned into measurable actions – and then actioned.

Benefits of an Action Planning awayday include:

  • Objective facilitation and gentle challenge
  • Motivate and unite your teams
  • Share knowledge and ideas
  • Establish a clear definition of roles
  • Address specific challenges and issues
  • Import new thinking and information
  • Stimulate new ideas and solutions

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