Bid Writing Service

Increase the chances of success 

"Action Planning helped us research and target and a number of trusts for two major capital appeals. Their expertise and bid writing skills helped successfully generate income for both appeals and was great return on investment."


Are you held back from accessing funding opportunities?

The process of researching and submitting bids to lottery distributors, trusts and statutory bodies can be complex, and time consuming. We help organisations prepare and submit funding bids by relieving them of much of the time-consuming process, and applying our experience of preparing bids that are tailored to match all the funders’ criteria.

Our bid writers have all achieved significant fundraising success and know how to present any not-for-profit organisation and its projects in the best light to increase the chances of a positive response. We will research the funding opportunities available and then write the bid from scratch, or review the organisation’s own draft bid, to ensure that it has the best chance of success before being submitted.

Our bid writing service helps you achieve success by:

  • Researching the funding opportunities available to your organisation
  • Increasing your capacity, saving your time and relieving you of a stressful burden
  • Providing you with proven bid writing expertise
  • Reviewing your bids to see what improvements you can make
  • Planning your bid schedule to ensure you hit deadlines

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