Brand Development

Present your personality

"The Sutherland Cranial College of Osteopathy worked with Andrew at Action Planning on rebranding and marketing the SCC. We have been really impressed with Andrew at every stage of the project.  Andrew listened to us and really understood the type of organisation that we are, and have managed to engage a large number of our members in this marketing process in the various focus groups and workshops.  Action Planning have delivered exactly what we asked for and on time. I would have no hesitation in recommending Action Planning for any other organisation who are going through a similar process"


Do your customers know who you are?

At all stages of their journey, organisations need to ask whether their cause is high in their audience’s consciousness. A strong brand doesn’t just remind customers of an organisation’s name but of its ethos, values and personality too, reinforcing their connection and commitment to the cause.

Our brand experts help not-for-profits to assess the strength of their brand, whether they are long established or just starting out, and can take the lead in implementing a rebrand where required. We make sure any rebranding is properly thought through to reflect the realities of your organisation, project its values,and create a clear, compelling proposition. We also ensure that it is carried out as a consultative process, involving all stakeholders so that the new brand truly reflects the DNA of the organisation.

Our brand consultants can help you by:

  • Designing and managing the rebranding process
  • Analysing your current branding in relation to your competitors
  • Researching audience response
  • Involving all stakeholders to get buy-in across the board
  • Ensuring brand consistency across all your communications

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