Market Research & Analysis

Who do you think you are talking to? 

"The Market research carried out by Action Planning gave us a strong insight into the other organisations that are carrying out similar work to us. As we have started to move forward this work has been of great value to the organisation."


Who is your typical customer?

Many not-for-profits think they know who their typical ‘customer’ is but never take the trouble to really find out. The only way to be sure about what spurs people into supporting a cause is to ask them. We have many years’ experience of conducting market research and analysis for organisations of all sizes, and can help to provide valuable insight that more than pays for itself.

‘Never assume,’ is our motto. Asking for customer feedback not only provides the all-important insight for better targeted campaigning but also builds loyalty. Our consultants provide guidance in  planning and implementing the most appropriate research methodology, analysing the results, and drawing conclusions that lead to practical action.

The benefits of Action Planning’s market research and analysis service include:

  • Building your plans on solid information, rather than opinion and guesswork
  • Asking the right questions, to get information that is useful, not just interesting
  • Objective assessment of messages and methods
  • Gaining insights into what others are doing in your field
  • Practical outcomes to help you spend your budgets more effectively

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