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"Walton Charity organised an Impact Measurement lunchtime seminar, with representatives from 16 local charities attending. David gave us a comprehensive overview of the approach and the issues to think about - which was no mean feat for a 2 hour session. Feedback from all those who attended was extremely positive."


Are you fulfilling your aims?

If planning and implementation are the drivers of your organisation’s aims, monitoring and evaluation are the navigation tools by which you first plot your course and then ensure you’re sticking to it. 

We provide not-for-profits with the tools and methods that will help them demonstrate the outcomes of their work, prove their effectiveness and show that their strategy promises are being met. We can provide in-house training in the use of monitoring and evaluation systems and advise on appropriate products to aid the process. 

Benefits of our monitoring and evaluation services include:

  • Shaping strategy and keeping it on course
  • Making sure we are measuring the right things ("what get's measured gets done")
  • Helping to focus limited resources
  • Changing your culture to be more outcomes focused
  • Demonstrating the difference you’re making to stakeholders
  • Boosting internal morale

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