"The day was well-structured. David already had a track record with us so people understood and respected him. He’s a friendly and affable man, which does help, and he asks the right probing questions. He has a habit of making you think about things in quite a different way – he tips things on their head and that’s invaluable."

Samantha Dixon, Director, WPCC

Fundraising strategy training and development day for whole fundraising team

Weston Park Cancer Charity

Weston Park Cancer Charity was in the habit of refreshing its fundraising plan once a year but wanted to be a bit more long-term in its thinking, particularly because some of its fundraising ideas were ‘slow-burn’ and might not bear fruit for a number of years.

Action Planning’s David Saint was asked to facilitate a planning day with Weston Park Cancer Charity staff to explore ideas for a 3-to-5-year fundraising strategy.

David led the planning day with the charity’s staff members, unpacking the various issues in order to come up with a list of priorities, which could then be left with the team for them to work into a fundraising strategy.

The strategy that arose from the planning day has been presented to trustees and their approval has been received on all the proposals that were presented.

Consultant's Insight:
Fundraisers normally want to dive straight in to talk about funding sources and fundraising techniques. By pulling back and starting with a detailed consideration of what the money was for, we were then able to have a much more informed and constructive conversation about appropriate sources and techniques.

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