Individual giving audit

Weston Park Cancer Charity

"Action Planning come up with solutions that are practical rather than simply academic. Because they have a lot of fundraising experience, they won’t come up with things that are great on paper but completely unworkable."


Weston Park Cancer Charity has a large database but the percentage of people on it who actually give regularly to the charity was small. Director Samantha Dixon wanted to analyse the data in order to understand why that might be, and how the situation could be improved.

Action Planning was asked to carry out a review of the charity’s individual giving programme, what the opportunities were for it in future, and where the ‘low-hanging fruit’ might be found.

One of our consultants carried out a comprehensive review of Weston Park’s individual giving programme and submitted a report, highlighting the deficiencies and pinpointing areas of opportunity for increasing participation among potential donors.

A number of our recommendations have been actioned, such as introducing a direct debit scheme in addition to the existing standing order option, to make it easier for people to make regular donations.

Consultant's Insight:
Individual donors are the lifeblood of many charities. Outward communications and internal processes need constant refinement to keep them fresh and attuned to the changing wishes of donors – and the changing demands of regulators!

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