Screening for the ideal candidate

God tv 

"Action Planning gave us very clear, concise advice and answered any queries in a timely manner. David Saint has a wealth of experience and it was good to have him on the interview panel to assess the needs of our organisation as a fundraising professional. I would definitely recommend Action Planning and work with them again."


God TV is the global trading name of The Angel Foundation, which has a mission to spread the Christian message worldwide via the medium of television. The charity has been through a period of extensive change and restructuring over the last two years, which has resulted in a clear need for a Fundraising Director.

God TV asked Action Planning to help with the recruitment of a Fundraising Director to lead the strategic development of the charity’s (primarily off-air) fundraising, manage the partner base and contribute to the development of the overall organisational strategy. The role required an experienced fundraising professional to ensure that a robust and well-designed fundraising strategy could be put in place and implemented, to assess the existing fundraising resources and then to develop the team cost-effectively to plug any gaps.

David Saint began by researching the charity’s fundraising needs and organisational strategy and writing a proposal that helped to define the role required of a new Fundraising Director. Working in collaboration with the Head of HR Claire Worth, he assisted in aligning the strategic proposal with the job description and then took responsibility for advertising the vacancy through Action Planning’s job board and recruitment channels. Action Planning handled applications and the initial interviewing of candidates to form a shortlist of three. David then joined the panel for the final interviews.

The recruitment process produced a successful candidate, who accepted the job offer and will start in January.

Consultant’s insight:
The role at God TV was a challenging one to fill, given the high degree of fundraising professionalism required, the ‘niche’ nature of the charity (Christian broadcasting) and the office location (Plymouth). The recruitment process, therefore, required great flexibility on the part of the client and a creative and persistent process on the part of Action Planning. We were delighted to be able to help God TV find an excellent candidate to fill the role.

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