“Working with David and Action Planning has been so good for FSW, helping to make our thinking clear and focusing our minds on what we need to do to achieve the plans that we have. ”

Martin Auton-Lloyd, Director, Family Support Work.

Individual Giving

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Individual giving is by far the largest source of voluntary income to charities and there are many ways in which to approach it. We can help to identify the most effective channels for your appeals and work with you on the objectives and messaging of your campaigns.

We work with organisations to put together individual giving strategies and implement campaigns. We also offer guidance on broaching the sensitive subject of legacies - still an underdeveloped source of not-for-profit income.

We can help you with all aspects of individual giving, including:

  • Data analytics
  • Planning your campaign strategy
  • Planning the ‘customer journey’
  • Developing planned giving campaigns
  • Developing your messages
  • Creating materials
  • Implementing campaigns
  • Identifying and approaching potential legacy donors

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