Team Profiling Tool

Help your team play to their strengths

"I found my session with David Saint extraordinarily helpful. When I’ve talked to fundraising specialists before, I’ve just felt they were putting me in a grid. With David I didn’t feel that because he listened and listened well. He got a sense of my strengths and weaknesses and a sense of the organisation."


Does your team really know how to get the best out of each other?

With increasing pressures on generating income and meeting the needs of beneficiaries, charity teams large or small need to work smarter together.

The C-me behavioural team profiling tool can help you create high performing teams that work better together. The quick, cost-effective and scalable online profiling tool can help you recruit and retain the best talent. Find out what ‘colour’ your individual team members are and how to bring out everyone’s strengths. It can be engaging, fun and a great team-bonding experience. It can help individual team members understand how to communicate effectively with those around them as well as build and develop their skills in the workplace.

The C-me profiling tool gives you valuable insight that can immediately be applied to:

  • Build a more resilient team and a more sustainable charity
  • Generate effective communication
  • Maximise team cohesion and engagement
  • Develop a committed culture
  • Improve retention and attract key talent
  • Inform recruitment and people strategy

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