Theory of Change

“The Theory of Change and ideas generated for service development need to be worked up, tested and refined, in consultation with a wider range of stakeholders. This work should then underpin project planning and be used as part of a project learning log.”

What is a Theory of Change?

A Theory of Change is a description of the theoretical links between the work that you do and the change that you are seeking to achieve. It essentially helps to identify the levers of change.

It can be presented in many ways: written out or visually in a diagram. Often you will see it in the form of a flow chart with a narrative behind it.

A Theory of Change is often underpinned by a literature review and qualitative research to understand the problems, how and why change occurs. But this may not always be necessary for simple projects.

Typical scenarios where you can benefit from developing a Theory of Change are:

a)     If you’re planning how to evaluate your services and measure impact.

b)     If you’re planning the projects or services that you will deliver to achieve change.


A Theory of Change really shouldn’t be a box-ticking exercise. Some of the most inspiring insights from the process came about when considering the nuances of how and when change happens. Our Theory of Change service will help you to:

1.     See how to improve the service to make a bigger difference

2.     Plan the duration of the intervention

3.     Simplify impact measurement

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