Mat Eason

Mar 22, 2021, 9:30 AM

Solidarity – building employee resilience

The difference between just coping and thriving is determined by how healthy our relationships are.

So, we are in our third lockdown and things are starting to snag. We’re getting triggered by words like bubble, online meetings, home school, vaccinations, “you’re on mute”. Some of us are going a bit lockdown loopy. And there are others who have managed to get out to work (away from home working), but things are still not quite right.

Social distancing, PPE, lowering expectations in when things happen… The list is tiresome. But there is a lot of talk about what kind of world we want to live in when this pandemic passes. One thing is clear, there will be two things that we’ll all have to tackle in all parts of our lives, both professionally and personally: debt and mental health.

Everything will cascade from these two mountains and in order to cope, our relationships will be crucial.

Building better relationships

It’s ok not to be ok. In fact, I would argue that most of us are not ok. But so what! What we really need are good people around us. And it is from here that I can offer some suggestions. Ditch the excuses, decent relationships need the following commitments:

  • Being presentturn up and be with others.
  • Spending timequit the excuses of being too busy. Intentionally give people time.
  • Two waystop transmitting your own challenges and joys, listen and appreciate more about others.
  • Authenticbe honest and be yourself.
  • Transparentshare your story, why you are the way you are. What are the origins of your strengths and fears?
  • Common Groundfind what is a common measure of impact and success. Help each other to reach it.

​​​​​​The key to cultivating relationships is the intention to do it. Good relationships need encouragement.

Last summer, I was prompted to start a culture of encouragement. So for 28 days, I wrote a daily devotion in my church WhatsApp group, which started a habit for everyone to be encouraging to one another. We all need supporting. To have a feeling of worth, value and belonging, we need to be seen as we are: vulnerable but with so much potential.

So set out your diary, make time for people, be yourself, share your stories, hear theirs, find out what success looks like and, most of all, encourage like it’s your last day on earth. Your words are like life.

Matthew Eason

If you would like to speak to Mat about building relationships and enabling people to thrive, please email info@actionplanning.co.uk