David Saint

Dec 13, 2018, 8:00 AM

You Can't Tickle Yourself!

Interviewed at the recent Christian Resources Exhibition, Chairman David Saint speaks candidly about how Action Planning started almost 30 years ago (spoiler alert, he was fired!), and what the organisation can offer to help charities. He also discusses opportunities and challenges in today’s voluntary sector, and how charities – including Christian ones – can go about winning support, raising money, and developing their USP. 

Take a listen to the podcast below or at: http://www.bizhear.com/2018/10/23/016_actionplanning/
and hear David share his thoughts and expertise on subjects including:

-    How charities can find those elusive pots of money
-    The value an experienced bid writer can add
-    The different ‘types’ of Christian charities, and where a Christian organisation sits on the ‘spectrum’
-    If there is an anti-Christian sentiment in fundraising 

He also discusses how consultancies such as Action Planning can help charities hone their USPs to win support; concluding however that “you can’t tickle yourself!”…

If you would like to talk with David Saint about how Action Planning could help your charity, you can get in touch with him at office@actionplanning.co.uk

David Saint

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