• Freelance Bidwriting Opportunity - GFTU

Freelance Bidwriting opportunity

The General Federation of Trade Unions Educational Trust is seeking a skilled bidwriter to prepare a number of urgent grant applications to support its educational, cultural, hotel business and other activities.

Many new and pre-existing funding streams are potentially available to us, and we are keen to make the best of the opportunities over the next few months. Many of these have come about as a result of new initiatives to support organisations in the current economic climate. The broad range of our activities enable us to apply for a good number of grants.

The GFTU Educational Trust (www.gftu.org.uk) manages a range of publishing, artistic and cultural activities alongside an educational and welfare programme and support services for organisations, and also has a wholly owned subsidiary company operating a hotel and conference centre in Quorn Leicestershire.

If you think you could help us, please send your CV, together with a covering letter highlighting your relevant experience of bidwriting for similar types of organisation, and your day rate, to Doug Nichols, General Secretary doug@gftu.org.uk

Deadline for applications November 1st 2020.

The General Federation of Trade Unions Educational Trust Registered Charity number 313439