Andrew Humphreys

Having worked for 17 years in the voluntary and public sectors, 13 of which in a management capacity, Andrew has developed a profound understanding of service delivery and the range of non-profit activity that is undertaken to support this.


Having identified common limitations in the design of organisations and systems of work in the public and voluntary sectors, since 2017 Andrew has worked as a consultant to improve the quality of work in these sectors.

Andrew’s primary motivation is to improve the lives and chances of those who are most in need in society, and to improve the experience of those working in organisations that support such individuals, enabling them to thrive and fulfil their potential.

Andrew is a highly motivated and experienced service improvement and change specialist with a deep understanding of organisational cultures and how to affect change within them with a track record of improving outcomes for service users. Andrew is an imaginative systems thinker with experience of quantitative research, able to analyse complex information and data to produce clear, powerful insights.

Andrew is a passionate, engaging and persuasive communicator, able to build and maintain relationships with senior stakeholders and able to adapt his communication style to wider audiences, with excellent written communication skills. Andrew has a distinctive ability to see the bigger picture whilst remaining focused on objectives and constraints and bring others on board with new principles and ways of working. Andrew is disciplined, resilient, able to remain focused on delivering objectives in fast-paced settings and manage complex workstreams.