Dee Whitby

I believe that every charity is uniquely amazing, and it’s a true honour to be part of a charities journey for a period of time, and to see them thrive in an every-changing world.

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I have been working in the charitable sector for 20 years and throughout that time I have worked with amazing individuals, managing, and leading fundraising and volunteering departments, facilitating programme delivery and being a key member of the business development team.

I have had the privilege to lead and manage all areas of fundraising, volunteering, and communications on behalf of charities; during that time, I have successfully implemented policies, increased voluntary income, raised charities awareness, managed events, increasing supporter engagement, produced successful grant funding, recruiting and delivered training for volunteers on a national scale.

I began my career by serving in the Armed Forces and with that military background I have been able to develop and shape a career in supporting a variety of charities from churches, faith based, military associations, youth, education, elderly, families, offending/ex-offenders, and supported charities abroad.