Meet Maurice Adams

“I have been enriched by my travels and living and working in Africa for 17 years”


The zany comic Spike Milligan humorously suggested his epitaph: “I demand a second opinion!” Sometimes I think that is part of my role as an organisational management consultant and leadership advisor: to allow others to receive another perspective, to talk with someone they trust, a companion who wants their best.

Like many of us, my career, and my life, have been defined by the unpredictable, requiring regular revision of plans and direction. This ability to adapt is essential for people and organisations. We know that change brings opportunity but also real challenges. That is why a ‘second opinion’ from an experienced and trusted advisor is essential, especially at times of testing and transforming. “No man is an island” is as true today as when John Donne penned it in 1624. We need others: personally and professionally. It would be impossible for me to do what I do, and be what I am, without my family, friends and faith.

In 1995 I started providing consultancy services in international development and programme management across Europe, Africa, India and the USA. An extensive range of local and national clients provided me with valuable insights into the need for personal and organisational growth, often amid change and uncertainty. Over the years, my diverse life and work experiences, and my learning and growth, have led me to focus on not-for-profit and faith-based organisational development: helping others to develop capacity and competencies so that they can be effective within their changing environment.

Now, as a consultant my role is to help strengthen the way leaders, teams and organisations learn and lead, so that they achieve meaningful impact. I accompany those wanting to address personal and organisational issues, offering customised advice, coaching and training, and designing and facilitating innovative approaches through strategy review, change management, capacity development and leadership support. Not by prescribing formulas or solutions but through pragmatic participation, emphasising professionalism and integrity based on honest and respectful collaboration. My intention is to offer intellectual and thoughtful support alongside practical, task-oriented and time-focused deliverables.

I have a demonstrable, proven performance history gained over three decades, successfully directing and supporting cross-cultural, geographically dispersed, multi-functioning teams. My leadership roles in non-profit, faith-based, UN, government and corporate organisations include being a CEO of two UK-based relief and development charities for a total of 16 years, a Director and Vice President of a USA-based health foundation for 10 years, and several senior management roles, including UNICEF and VSO.

My knowledge and expertise have been enhanced through studying for a doctorate in human development and public health, and a master’s in NGO management. Significantly, I have been enriched by my travels and living and working in Africa for 17 years, interacting with, and learning from, many cultures, faiths and fascinating people.

My desire to realise and release potential and be a catalyst for positive change in the lives of individuals, organisations and communities fuels the passion for what I do: engaging with those who do what they do, because it matters to them.