Maurice Adams

Organisation consultant and leadership advisor


Maurice Adams understands the pressures and privileges of senior leadership as he has been a CEO, Vice President and Programmes Director for a broad range of UK and global not-for-profit agencies.

Drawing from more than 30 years of experience in different sectors (NGO, UN, Govt, NGO, faith-based, commercial), in different roles (leading and consulting), in different countries (including Africa based for 15 years), and being informed by different disciplines (organisational development, international relations, humanitarian assistant, psychology, philosophy and theology), Maurice helps individuals and organisations excel in what they do and be accountable for how they do it. Through responsible management of strategies and capacity development, Maurice has successfully directed and supported multi-national and multi-functioning teams by innovative thinking and skilled communications.

The diversity of his partners and clients reflects the broad range of experience and skills Maurice has been able to offer. He is capable of providing customised support in designing, leading, and facilitating innovative approaches that deliver meaningful impact through strategy, change management, capacity development, programme design, with leadership and governance support. Maurice will not impose formulas or methodologies but rather offer inspirational and pragmatic support emphasising professionalism and integrity based on honest and respectful collaboration.

In addition to his wide-ranging experience as a mature and astute trusted advisor, Maurice holds a doctorate in leadership and human development, and a master’s in NGO management. His desire to be a catalyst for positive change, in the lives of individuals and communities, fuels the passion for all that he does.

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