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CEO of 2 national charities, a Trustee on the Board of 2 internationally orientated charities using C-me tool to develop Boards.


Sonia is passionate about people knowing and using their strengths and about the importance of preference diversity on Boards and senior teams. She seeks to enable that through the powerful tool of C-me as a behavioral analytic.

Sonia’s background includes a spell of TV presenting, being CEO of two national charities and a Trustee on the Board of two internationally orientated charities. Her long-standing interest in human nature led her to write award winning papers on the subject at Cambridge University, where she gained a Starred First class degree in Theology and Anthropology. Coming full circle Sonia now focuses on identity in the context of personal and team development with C-me.

Sonia is also a NED on the Board of Wrc - an innovation consultancy primarily focused in the water industry.

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