Victoria Fafalios


Victoria, a chartered accountant and holding a CIPD qualification, has worked within the charity sector for 30 years...


Victoria, as a chartered accountant and holding a CIPD qualification, has worked in the charity sector for 30 years, operating at senior leadership and board level in capacities such as COO, Finance, Governance and HR. In such capacities she has combined her expansive business experience with her people skills to lead out on the successful execution and delivery of key strategies, supporting organisations and boards through major change and restructuring in response to both internal and external sectoral factors.

This has involved everything from building sustainable business models for start-up initiatives to guiding organisations through significant restructuring as they seek to deliver their mission and vision in an ever-changing environment whilst also supporting boards to respond to the ever-increasing demands of governance accountability.

Victoria is skilled in effective negotiation and influencing, strategic understanding of corporate processes and structure across a number of disciplines, the identification and implementation of governance principles whilst also proficient in budgeting, forecasting and business case compilation.

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