Linda Trew

Jun 30, 2021, 1:00 PM

Can you really pray in the money?

I remember many years ago, sitting in a lecture hall listening to the speaker talk about his experience of visiting a Christian charity that was struggling financially. He laughed as he retold the story of how the team sat round the table and prayed. “As if that were going to get the money in,” he joked.

As a Christian I must admit to feeling hurt and offended, as well as sad as the sniggers around the auditorium reached my ears. How could they not know the power of prayer? Oh, thee of little faith! Throughout my life and my career I have seen God’s hand at work, I have seen miracles and prayers answered, so how could he play down the importance of prayer?

However, I have to admit he had a point – to a degree. God calls us to act, to do, to be. He has given us all individual skills and talents to use and use them we must. As the lecturer went on, he explained how this organisation had lost their way and had no real idea or plan how to get back on track and how to raise the funds needed, so they turned to prayer.

I believe that HE was most probably, in fact, the answer to the prayer (although I am not sure he would have agreed with that) – he was, in fact, a fundraising expert who happened to be in the right place at the right time and was able to offer advice and guidance that helped get them where they needed to be. Coincidence?

We can often find ourselves in tricky positions within the workplace, whether it’s going through a time of change, such as a merger or restructure, financial difficulty or simply losing focus. Having someone come alongside you with the skills and experience to help you pick your way through the issue, to enable you to become a stronger, more resilient organisation, enabling you to better serve your beneficiaries, is a real blessing.

At Action Planning we have a wide range of Christian consultants who have a breadth of experience and knowledge. We will work with you and pray with you – because we really do believe the importance of doing and praying.

To find out more about how we can support, please contact linda.trew@actionplanning.co.uk

Andrew Johnson

Linda Trew is a dynamic leader with strategic vision, who, in 20 years of working in the charity sector, has developed strategies and led in all areas of fundraising, as well as brand development, communications, marketing and external affairs. She has a demonstrated history of working at senior level in international, national and local charities and has set, managed and achieved multi-million-pound budgets developing sustainable income streams.