Tim Glynne-Jones

Oct 21, 2020, 5:00 PM

Action Planning celebrates Pearl Anniversary with 10 seminars in 60 minutes

On Tuesday 20th October, 2020, we celebrated 30 years of service to the third sector with an online party, complete with wine, nibbles, party hats and over 60 guests assembled from our charity and not-for-profit clientele. The event, held on Zoom, was brilliantly organised by Action Planning Consultant Anja Batista Sonksen and Sarah Divina and the star turn was our shot at delivering 10 seminars in 60 minutes.

Aiming to beat our previous best of 68 minutes were Action Planning Consultants:

Felicia Willow – Managing Crisis Using an Interim CEO's Approach

Andrew Johnson – Using Campaigns to Drive Engagement

Kate Nicholas – Communicating for Recovery

Emma Insley – Impact Accelerating Your Fundraising

David Bull CBE – Top 5 Questions Trustees Should Ask Staff

Linda Turton – Making Your Finance Funder Friendly

Tracy Madgwick Finding and Keeping Talent Remotely

Nick Wilkie – This Much I Think: Musings on Organisational Leadership and Life

Carol AkiwumiChallenge Your Most Cherished Fundraising Ideas

Karen Morton Future Gazing

An incredible assembly of experience and knowledge, together they smashed the record with 54 minutes of pithy, insightful advice. One guest commented, “If you’re going to say something, say it concisely. These seminars did just that.” Another said, “Having a different face and voice to hear from every few minutes was really engaging. It was great to be reminded of the value of things like staff surveys and engaging your team.”

We will be posting each of the seminars as individual videos, so watch this space.

Felicia Willow - Managing crisis using an interim ceo's approach

Andrew johnson - using campaigns to drive engagement

Kate Nicholas - Communicating for recovery


David Bull CBE - Top 5 questions trustees should ask staff

Linda Turton - making your finance funder friendly

Tracy Madgwick - Finding and keeping talent remotely

Nick Wilkie - This much i think: Musings on organisational leadership and life

Carol Akiwumi – Challenge Your Most Cherished Fundraising Ideas

Karen Morton - Future gazing