Corinna Loges

3 Oct 2017, 09:41

GDPR implementation: Feeling Overwhelmed?

I recently attended the Third Sector Briefing on GDPR and was quite surprised by how many charities, according to the show of hands, admitted to not being prepared for Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into effect in just a few months’ time.

About three quarter of the audience, representing numerous organisations, admitted to facing challenges regarding the implementation. They were either only just starting to engage with the requirements or had done nothing about it yet. There was a general feeling of being overwhelmed by what had to be done by May 2018.

As you may be aware, the new regulations are defining how we ought to deal with supporter information, its protection and privacy. Current data management practice will have to change significantly, and charities are required to become much more transparent and accountable in their dealings with data.  

According to recent research among the public on charity donations and how their information is treated by charities and organisations, people feel suspicious and uneasy.  They would like us to be more diligent and considerate in the way we solicit and manage their personal data.

It is therefore not just the pressure put on by the Government and the threat of fines and reputational risk that ought to spur us into action. The public’s response, as one of the key income streams of our charitable activities, has to be taken seriously.  

So, now is the time to work out what GDPR means for your organisation and how you can use it to your advantage. The time for procrastination is over.

If you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start please do get in touch. We can help you get ahead in the following areas:

  1. Adopting a Data-Protection-by-Design approach that promotes privacy and protection from the start of the process and not as an after-thought;
  2. Appointing designated staff and/or form a designated working group;
  3. Performing an information audit across your organisation;
  4. Mapping out and update all Data Protection policies and processes.

Whether you feel overwhelmed, or just want to make sure you are ready at this critical time, please contact us

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