David Saint

3 Oct 2017, 09:41

Improving Lives, Strengthening Communities: New priorities for The Henry Smith Charity

I felt privileged to be invited to the recent launch of The Henry Smith Charity’s new funding strategy – not least because we were informed that this resulted from the Charity’s first strategic review in 400 years!

The Henry Smith Charity has long been a substantial and generous supporter of often smaller, more neglected charities up and down the land. This strategic review has resulted in a crystal clear set of funding priorities, under two grants programmes:

Improving Lives

  • Help at a critical moment – helping people rebuild their lives following a crisis, trauma or abuse
  • Positive choices – helping people whose actions or behaviours have led to negative consequences for themselves or others, to make positive choices
  • Accommodation and housing – enabling people to work towards or maintain accommodation
  • Employment and training – supporting people to move towards or gain employment
  • Financial inclusion, rights and entitlements – supporting people to overcome their financial problems, and ensure that they are able to claim their rights and entitlements
  • Support networks and family – Working with people to develop improved support networks and family relationships.

Strengthening communities

  • Enabling people from across the community to participate in activities which improve connectedness, opportunities and wellbeing
  • Helping people who are excluded, vulnerable or facing other forms of hardship to have access to community-based services that support positive lasting change
  • Supporting the development of a stronger, active, more engaged community.

Full information on The Henry Smith Charity funding priorities, and how to apply, can be found at www.henrysmithcharity.org.uk.

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